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Loved your game. I'm assuming the time jumps/skips are intentional, which made it more unsettling, as I never knew what would trigger the next day or why. The graphics were pretty, especially the view of the neighborhood outdoors and the masks in the pantry. I wouldn't have minded a longer experience (if I didn't miss/glitch past anything). Thanks for creating!

Thank you very much for playing. Yep the skips are intentional, do you know Firewatch? It was a good reference for time/chapter managing. You did not miss anything, it was short I know...I will develop longer experience in the future :))



Amazing short game.  The ending, wow!

Great short game

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Fun stuff! Reminds me of how I started my first hobby during the lockdown.

Still trying to decide if I was the lamb or if it was a 'family business' type ordeal, but loved it either way! (gameplay starts at 2:00)

played your game at 09:31. Short game but really good! Those masks creeped me out.  Lived up to the video title, lockdown from hell.

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I was happy to see the Greek, but I didn't take the time to translate it. 😅 

the last night man gave me the jump

Nice game

Truly Creepy Ruben! 

I enjoyed this game! It was the first one in this video hat I played.

I really enjoyed this. I honestly wanted it to keep going. It's the first game in my 3 scary games.

This was great. Short and sweet but eerie all the same! Hope you enjoy my video

its short still it was interesting ww 

A really short but sweet horror game. would have been great to see how the character perceived his parents changing attituded day by day. and slowly uncovering what they we're hiding. but still loved it none the less.

Third game played in this video. Very creepy and awesome!!!

Comments below clip;

The intervals worked very well in this game. They gave the game tempo, so, even though  the game was relatively short, it felt like I spent much more time playing it. The graphics helped to tell the story and the sounds enhanced the overall atmo to perfection.  I didn't run into any bugs, hiccups or snags. Well done and kudos to all involved!

Thank you very much for your feedback Daniel.

Cool video btw!

Short and great!! Loved it!


I liked this game! I was just a tad confused while playing it lol BUT I did enjoy myself while playing it! if you wanna see my blind reaction its the first game in my video!! 

A wonderfully short concept where you are in lockdown with your questionable parents.... it all starts off fairly calm but as days go by you soon realise your parents are not as loving and caring as you once thought!
 The game itself is visually appealing and there is a good sense of realism , all in all a great short experience and worth a play.

Thanks ma! Glad you enjoied!

Pretty forward short horror game! 

Thanks for playing!

Very short horror game, I enjoyed playing this one.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Short Covid Horror at its finest!

Full Play No Commentary 

Yeah, cool video!


Love the atmosphere and concept of the game! I wish I could have read what the note said, then I would have understood the game better lol

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Yo thanks! Actually there's just a bunch of greek verses (one from Odyssey and other from a text by Lucian of Samosata) and some parts of the Talmud (in hebrew) so reading the text does not help understanding. It's just to make a vague idea of cryptic languages

Mi experiencia en español! Un trayecto corto, pero interesante... Buen trabajo!!
Podés suscribirte si te agradan los gameplays de terror! :D
"Estos padres planean algo" - FAMILY TIME - (Juego corto - Español) - YouTube

Muchas gracias hombre!

Rebonito el video! 

No, por favor! Gracias por la experiencia :D

Great Job dev! So much creepiness for such a short game! Loved it!

Thank you very much!!


Hi Ruben! Thanks so much for making this game, definitely not what I had in mind when someone says "Quarantine" I almost felt I was in one of those movies. Have to say that it was a shame that the game is so short, I feel like I need more, more scares, more story, just MORE so great job! Looking forward to more of your games~

Really glad you liked it. I'll make longer ones, I swear :D

Thank you again 

No problem hun! Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment :)

this game is good. it had a spooky vibe to it and a sort of twist for an ending. good job!

I didn't think my family would go this way during isolation! Great buildup to seeing your family lose it and turn to cultish ways! Your game starts at 6:41 

Nice video hehe. 

Just being stuck with your parents during quarantine could have been a spooky plot itself

This right here, is facts! And thank you haha

this was so shit

Awesome!! I like it!!

Cool thanks!

I appreciated the idea of this game but oh my god I could not see ANYTHING even with my brightness at max level. i was squinting at the screen the whole time I could hardly enjoy anything

You're right, next time I will take more care about lighs and post-prod.

thanks for the reply! im glad youre looking at both praise and criticism and can learn from both. i look forward to more games from you

Bro I was so confused when those things were in front of my door, are they my parents? :D

Don't know...maybe...or maybe your parents have been replaced by some strangers...

Creepy, but a bit short. Would benefit from some secrets.

Unless there are already secrets and i just missed them xD

no secrets at all, just really really really really really short

Interesting game, good foreshadowing. Really makes you question how well you know your family.

Looking forward to seeing what you create next.

Really enjoied the video :D.


Would love to have seen more and learned a bit more about what was going on, but a good experience either way! 


A bit was left to your immagination.

Thank you very much for playing tha game!


oh absolutely, I don't think enough games incorporate that nowadays. Using the players imagination against them! 

Little short but overall a great game!

Thanks dude!

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